US General Election: Chicagoans ready to cast ballots

Tomorrow November 6, 2012, Americans from all states are called

A vote material in Chicago

to choose their president. Chicagoans voters will elect candidates to a wide range of offices at the federal, state and local levels. A considerable number of Chicagoans are to vote in this election.

During a press brief in Chicago this morning, Chicago Board Election members had disclosed that a total of 1,364,723 Chicagoans are registered to vote in this election. And, in order to prepare for the General election, the board said to have completed a mail canvass to verify whether voters who had filed name and address changes with the U.S. Postal service had moved. They said to have processed more than 125,000 voter registrations in the final 30 days before the registration deadline.

Actually the polling places in Chicago are to be open on Tuesday, Nov.6 from 6 am to 7 p.m.

Tomorrow November 6, Chicagoans voters will cast ballots for President & vice president of the United States; representative in Congress; State Senator; State Representative; Cook County Circuit Clerk; Cook County recorder od Deeds; Cook County Circuit State’s Attorney; Cook County Board of review; Commissions to the Water Reclamation District for Greater Chicago and Retention of Judges.

The vote also concerns Referenda questions on amending the State Constitution regarding pensions, whether to have municipal aggregation of electrical service in Chicago, whether Chicago teacher pensions should be funded by the state, just as they are in other parts of Illinois; and whether to encourage the federal government to amend the US Constitution to allow a ban on corporate donations to political campaigns.

With the system put in place in Chicago, it will take ten minute to vote and 25% of the registered voters did early vote.

According to the Chicago Board election, there will be more than 300 investigators assigned to Election Day Duty.

Sylvio Combey, in Chicago

This trip to the USA was made with the support of American Embassy in Lome and the US Foreign Press Center. The article dos not necessary reflect their point of view



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