Obama in Wisconsin: « We know what the change is; we know what the future requires »

In some hours now, United States of America will know who is

President Obama during the rally at Delta Center

going to lead them for the next 4 years. Talking in a rally in Wisconsin, president Obama had tried to convince the voters that they (democrats) know what the change is and what the future really requires.

In his address to the public (almost twenty minutes) he put much emphasis on his plan for the next four years if reelected. It is all about help grow the economy from the middle class out, not the top down. “We can’t just cut

People gathered at Delta Center

our way to prosperity, and we can’t go back to the same failed policies that caused the economic crisis and punished middle-class families”, stressed the president. His plan is about more jobs, cut taxes for every American worker and provided 18 tax cuts for small businesses to help them weather the recession; and make more investments in education to create opportunity for all Americans.

He intend to end war and rebuild America. And in his speech, he stressed on the fact that he ended the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. He assured Americans that their lives are no more under threat since Ben Laden is dead.

President Obama is looking forward to continue the “Obamacare” that is to give out more assistance and expand its coverage.

Recently, president Obama held grassroots events in Mentor, Ohio; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Dubuque, Iowa; and Bristow, Virginia.  He was joined by many special guests.

In the last 72 hours of this election, President Obama and top campaign principals – including First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden and President Bill Clinton – are sweeping the nation, talking directly to voters in battleground states about the President’s concrete, detailed plan to move America forward and strengthen the middle class, and rallying supporters for the final push in areas with a strong Democratic base.

President is trying to convince the voters that he knows what the change is and what the future requires.

More pictures https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.367914136635157.89898.100002497226382&type=3

 Sylvio Combey, in Chicago

This trip to the USA was made with the support of American Embassy in Lome and the US Foreign Press Center. The article dos not necessary reflect their point of view



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