Obama vs Romney: The Big Battle

As days pass, States are approaching the d-day. So far, the “battle”

Wisconsin Grassroots Rally; November 3

is quiet tough between the president-candidate Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney. However, some statistics are revealing president Obama taking the lead.

This year 2012, many Americans have made the decision to vote early. Even the president-candidate has done the same. In Ohio for example, the early voting started on October 2 and continues to the Election Day. According to CNN statistics, 23% of Ohio votes have already been cast, and according to public polling, President Obama leads 63/35 among those who have already voted. In this case, Romney would need to win 54% of the remaining voters in order to tie the race on Election Day. It is said that voters in Democratic counties are voting at higher rates and outnumber voters in Republican counties.

In Wisconsin, Americans started voting since October 22 and the votes last ended November 2. In the latest NBC/WSJ poll, President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 20 points among those who have already voted or plan to vote early. 12% of 2008 Wisconsin voters registered on Election Day and this is seen to be an advantage for President Obama. This year, he traveled to Wisconsin 5 times. The President has had six political events and one official event in the state this year

Early voting in IOWA in Iowa began on September 27 and continues until tomorrow. More than one-third (38%) of Iowa votes have already been cast and Obama leads among early voters by nearly 30 points in the latest poll (PPP). Mitt Romney will then need to win 59% of the remaining votes to tie Barack Obama. In 2012, President Obama has traveled to Iowa 11 times and held 18 political events and 5 official events.

Virginia is one of only two states that does not offer early voting.

In the latest Washington Post poll, President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 4 points. 70% of Obama supporters said they are very enthusiastic about Barack Obama compared with just 56% of Romney supporters who said they are very enthusiastic about their candidate



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