Great experience with Deutsche Welle Akademie

It is now part of my Curricula; I can also say that I have worked on projects with German organizations.

During a discussion in Brussels

It can seem a bit funny hearing me saying that but, believe, it goes beyond. During 4 months, I had the privilege found of working on a project called “East4south”.

We were indeed 10 experienced African journalists selected on this projected with other 10 European journalists. The aim, according to the organizers, is for the team made up with African journalists and young European media practitioners and report from the field; “capture the story and share it with the world, learning tricks of the trade from veteran journalists”.

For having worked with my partner, who came from Hungary, I may say that this was a real success. I have a lot to say about how the works went on, the ambiance among us African and European journalists in Brussels and in Bonn and with the trainers. I will get the time to emphasize them one by one as day goes on. It was so interesting.

It was such exciting moment for me to get know more about European Union and its institutions. This project also helped me fill some realities of my country. Being journalist, I am aware of certain issues but I have never got the chance to investigate them, go to the country side and do those stories. This was made possible for me and my partner by Deutsche Welle Akademie.

Sylvio Combey presenting Togo to his colleagues

I had the chance to be trained in intercultural reporting, had discussions on development with EU experts in Brussels and made post-production at the headquarters of Deutsche Welle. It wa smy first time of doing a radio reportage in English.

I still have in mind those times when we had discussions about European Development Aid, why and how it should be. I felt good, though I am a man, to defend the position of Dambisa Moyo. I have to confess that it is this project that made me discover that woman full of drives and since then, I follow her on twitter in order to be updated on her movements or book release.

Folks, follow me, I am just at the beginning of telling you the excited adventure I had with Deutsche Welle Akademie.


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