Rawlings Debunks Coup Allegations

John Jerry Rawlings -Former President of Ghana

John Jerry Rawlings -Former President of Ghana

Former President Rawlings has described as laughable, suggestions that he plans to topple President Atta Mills in a coup d’état because he was unhappy with the latter’s approach to governance.


In a statement issued in Accra on Thursday and signed by Mr. Kofi Adams, Special Aide, the former President said such suggestions could only come from opportunists within the ruling National Democratic Congress and frustrated New Patriotic Party followers who believe vilifying Rawlings will serve their parochial interests.

“President Mills served as my Vice-President and after my tenure I endorsed his candidature culminating in his eventual election this year. Ghana’s democracy has evolved significantly since 1992 and such comments are only ploys by certain opportunists within the NDC and a frustrated NPP who believe vilifying Rawlings will serve their parochial interests. Have these people not learnt their lessons, have they not had enough of me, have they not maligned me enough and achieved nothing?”

The former president commended President Mills for the positive manner he conveyed his government’s aspirations at a media encounter on Tuesday to mark the first 100 days of his administration. The statement said Ghanaians needed a manifestation from the presidency that it was in control of affairs and had a grasp of the issues and President Mills did not disappoint. “The President exhibited an excellent grasp of the issues, gave positive assurances and rightfully positioned his government’s achievements in the last hundred days and that is very commendable,” Ex-President Rawlings said.

The statement said former president Rawlings was particularly happy with the assurances by President Mills that he would not tolerate reports of corruption from any of his appointees and expressed satisfaction that Municipal and District Chief Executives had been particularly singled out. Said Rawlings, “Corruption at all levels of society is dangerous but when it is allowed to fester within the grassroots then we have lost the ideals for which we sought political power to lead and direct this country and Professor Mills has my total support in his quest to instill discipline and accountability within his government.”

Rawlings however cautioned President Mills not to rest on his oars as there is still a lot to be done and also a lot of problems within his current structure that need to be resolved with some sense of urgency. “It is good to tout achievements such as the appointment of more women and young people into political and leadership positions as per the NDC’s manifesto promise, the quest to bring justice to the victims of the Northern conflict which led to the death of the Ya Na and Issa Molbilla’s case, but we should not overlook power play for instance within the communication’s structure of government which is now becoming a cause of concern.”

The former president said contrary to the perceptions by a section of the media that he has been impatient with Professor Mills, all he has done has been to “echo the concerns and frustrations of the ordinary folk who voted us into power.” “They are justified to be impatient because they had to endure eight years of insensitive leadership that institutionalized corruption, nepotism and arrogance and they dread being told that the government they voted into power has similar attributes.

“It is evident that the country is totally broke because the previous government milked the coffers dry and wanted to continue living like kings afterwards. Professor Mills has now made it clear that he took over a country that is broke and he should not hesitate to expose the rot that he has met. “The President’s approach to governance does not necessarily have to be like mine and when I criticize him I do so recognizing that. What is paramount is the need to set the records straight so Ghanaians do not judge the NDC wrongly in the future,” former President Rawlings said.

Former President Rawlings called on President Mills and his government to put in place effective mechanisms to stem the economic downturn the country faces currently. He said aside the global economic recession, members of the previous government had repatriated significant amount of funds under bizarre circumstances and bold steps have to be taken to counter the continuing trend. Former President Rawlings said President Mills’ intentions to correct the wrongs of the recent past may take some time to unravel but stated it was imperative that he has frequent interactions with the people of Ghana through various fora to give a positive assurance that their concerns are being catered for.

Rawlings warned all who have illegally accumulated wealth and are attempting to hide behind the umbrella of business to note that they are being watched. He also cautioned members of the new government who have made it their business to front for such people to note that they shall all be exposed sooner than later.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com


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